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Jen the Libertarian

Feb 21, 2020

Hoooooly hell. That was...quite something. It was loud, it was nasty, nobody except for one person (no not Warren) came out looking decent. 

Needless to say there's quite a lot to discuss from this round of debate.

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Feb 17, 2020

New Hampshire went off without a hitch but with some surprising results, Bloomberg gets the oppo research treatment over stop and frisk, and the Stone sentencing throws the DOJ into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons

And Smollett makes a return to the news cycle!

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Feb 13, 2020

Since the War on Porn is back in the conversation I decided to unlock the Patreon episode I did back in December on how this whole thing got started up again and why it still really dumb and hypocritical

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Feb 10, 2020

This past week somehow managed to be even worse than any of us anticipated - from the Iowa debacle, the final impeachment vote, Trump's post-SOTU rant, a few high profile firings, and an attack on US servicemembers in Afghanistan that has produced casualties. 

(and yes I know I said the NH primary is on Monday it's...

Feb 9, 2020

Eight down, four more to go, but this one was a little different than the others. We've got a new frontrunner, new attacks, and Biden managed to stay awake the whole time!

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