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Jen the Libertarian

Mar 25, 2019

So the Mueller investigation is over...and it did not end the way some people were hoping. 

Also Beto broke Bernie's record of first day fundraising for this election cycle and Trump finally made that campus speech EO appear. 

Mar 21, 2019

So this is in response to Nick Gillespie's Reason piece on why people are clinging to and advancing the idea of big and bigger government plus my own thoughts as to how we can better position ourselves as the voice of reason in the current weird as hell political landscape.

Link to Nick's piece - 

Mar 17, 2019

I am rather irritated / dismayed with the news cycle this week. So I vent and get some stuff off my chest and you get to listen to it. 

Mar 12, 2019

So here's Nancy and I drinking and talking about various sorts of things like her pieces for Reason and the LA Times and the current YA lit mess.

Nancy's Reason piece "A Guide to Surviving Your 15 Minutes of Hate" -

And her LAT piece "Outrage...

Mar 10, 2019

Even when it's a slow news week you can count on the newest members of Congress to do *something* that will land them in the news. 

I chat about AOC's dodgy campaign finances, Omar causing another fight about anti-Semitism, and also Trump's disappeared EO and Smollett getting the book thrown at him. 

The Washington...