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Jen the Libertarian

Nov 15, 2018

White Ladies. We broke the glass ceiling. We beat the white men out on something. Go us.

So you know I had to go in on the current "white women are the devil" narrative right? So here we are. 

Here's the Daily Beast piece in question -

Nov 9, 2018

Now that the midterms have come and gone we can focus on #2020 but first let's postmortem the midterms shall we? Let's also chat about Sessions' surprise "resignation" and the Very Stupid Acosta Story

Recorded 10/8 - because the news happens so fast now I have to date stamp episodes now

Nov 6, 2018

I had to go in on this ridiculous HuffPo piece. Had To. Spoiler alert - capitalism did not screw over women. Quite the opposite. 


Link to the HuffPo piece in question -

Nov 3, 2018

Man I depressed the hell out of myself recording this week's news roundup. It was a pretty depressing week. 

I pick up where we left off on the mail bomber, talk about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the deplatforming of Gab, the continuing migrant caravan insanity, and the death (?) of Apu.

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