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Jen the Libertarian

Aug 18, 2019

Time to talk about all the immigration stories, from the ICE workplaces raids from a week ago that got overshadowed to the new public charge rule and why it's really not OK to the ever evolving rules on who can and cannot apply for asylum in the US 

Aug 11, 2019

Picking up on the topic of red flag laws from the last episode, the idea of adding mental health history to the federal firearms background database, and the suicide heard 'round the world

Aug 9, 2019

I discuss the Dayton shooting and what we do and do not know, how I am so insanely disappointed in the reactions to both the Dayton and El Paso shootings, and the awful no good horrible Castro tweet that named and shamed Trump donors 

Aug 4, 2019

*warning - I do name the shooter and read / discuss the manifesto*

After the mass shooting in El Paso I think its a good idea to have a discussion about motive, ideology, how everyone focuses on the wrong thing, and on how we need to look at ugly things to understand them

Aug 1, 2019

In another installment of "I consume content so you don't have to" I did indeed watch both (!) nights of Round 2 of the democratic debates.  

I discuss some of what was discussed each night, my overall thoughts on the whole production, and what the DNC is doing to keep these from being a total cluster going...