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Jen the Libertarian

Jun 15, 2019

Since I didn't do a weekly roundup last week this is a two week weekly roundup. Of course I have thoughts on the ridiculous Maza / Crowder fight, the Mexican tariffs that aren't (yet), and where Justin Amash is going to land now that he's officially left the HFC

Jun 10, 2019

So let me tell you about the origins of the French / Ahmani feud AKA the oddest political dustup in recent memory and why libertarians should care about the odd new conservatism that lead to it 

Jun 5, 2019

So I had a nice sit down with Matt Cameron, a practicing immigration lawyer and teacher who works in the Boston area and is also founder and co-chair of Golden Stairs Immigration, a non-profit providing legal services to non-citizens who cannot afford legal representation.

We talk about everything from "doing it...

Jun 2, 2019

While it was an abbreviated week it was still a week and there are still things to talk about. Like fake quotes and doctored videos and Mueller finally speaking publicly and Trump's Mexico tariffs.